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The foundation of a man of Ephesians 5:3 is that he strives to walk before the Lord as Godly man in sexual integrity both physically and mentally. Through online groups and one on one mentoring, we help men break the cycle of acting out sexually by using porn or being engrossed in sexual lust and sexual fantasy. We dig deeper with the help of the Lord to uncover the root causes of why we act out in habitual sexual sin. Often, we find that traumatic experiences from our childhood can play a part in our using sexual sin to soothe our pain.

About Us


Men of Ephesians 5:3 Ministries was started by Joseph Njoku-Obi in 2017 to be an online community of men looking for freedom and healing from habitual sexual sin. In fighting his own twenty-five-year addiction, he discovered through his own healing process that healing from porn and sexual sin is best done in community. While this group approach does not take the place of sex addiction therapy in some cases, the safety and accountability of being in a group of likeminded men removes aloneness and offers accountability in a non-judgmental atmosphere. This can greatly help in the healing process to break the bondage of porn.

Over the last 12 years Joseph has been leading men’s groups, in person and online, dealing with sexual addiction and other sexual sin issues. He has also done one-on-one coaching and individual mentoring with men dealing with the same types of issues. He is an ordained minister and member in good standing of the National Association of Christian Ministers. Joseph and his wife, Leona, are certified marriage specialists through N.A.M.E. (National Association of Marriage Enhancement), Prepare and Enrich certified marital and pre-marital coaches and have been trained by several other marriage ministries as coaches and mentors. They currently live in California and have two grown children.

Disclaimer: Joseph Njoku-Obi is not a licensed psychologist nor a sexual addiction therapist. While he does use materials that are written by those professionals, he does not claim or imply that he has had formal college and university training or degrees in those professions. He is a facilitator, coach, and professional mentor. If you feel that you would prefer to work with a licensed professional, he can, upon request, refer you to a licensed sexual addiction specialist that is specifically trained to handle acute sexual addictions.

Our Team


Philip Wallinger

Philip Wallinger


My name Philip Wallinger and I am a leader, facilitator and fledgling writer working with men for over a decade. I reside in Northern California with my wife of 30 years, Natasha. We have three grown children. I am a carpenter and craftsman who enjoys the outdoors and smoking small batches of often requested beef jerky.

Greg Skeen

Greg Skeen


I have been married for 22 years and have 3 kids. We have lived in Concord for over 20 years.
I attended Every Mans Battle in 2018. I joined my 1st Conquer Series in 2018 and took part of Seven Pillars study thereafter.
I have had the privilege to lead Conquer Series 3 times and now leading a Seven Pillars group with fellow leaders of Men of Ephesians.
Marco Montoya

Marco Montoya


I have been part of Men of Ephesians 5:3 since the beginning of when it was formed. Joe Njoku Obi has been an incredible spiritual mentor of mine & I have learned so much through our bible studies on men’s purity. The Conquer Series & 7 Pillars of Freedom studies have had a huge impact on my spiritual walk. They have brought me closer to the Lord & the healing I have received along the way has been more than I ever could have imagined. As a result, I am very honored to be a part of this ministry as a co-facilitator in helping other men who are struggling the way I was in their spiritual journey.

What We Do



We believe that being in a small group with other men helps the healing and restoration process by sharing the struggles and victories that are a part of every man’s walk. Each group has two facilitators that has been through the curriculum and are there to help the group stay focused. Our groups learn to be open and vulnerable, giving grace to each other as well as well as accountability.

Accountability Partners

When men have decided to break the bondage of sexual sin in their lives, an accountability partner is a must. Accountability partners work with men inside their small groups to supply prayer, encouragement, and support. Accountability partners can also be men who help to monitor your devices through Covenant eyes software to help you stay on track in your road to recovery.


We offer webinars to men’s ministries or small groups who want to know more about helping the men in their churches and communities break the bondage of sexual sin. We also offer facilitator training to churches that want to start a small group helping men overcome sexual sin.

Strategic Ministry Partners

Strategic Ministry Partners are people who pray for the ministry on a regular basis. They can also partner with us financially with one time or month-to-month donations. Partners get monthly updates on the work of the ministry and testimonies from men who serve in the ministry as facilitators and accountability partners.

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My life now has hope and purpose

Joe was the kind of leader I needed to confront my complacency with sexual sin. He lived his convictions with integrity and because of his honesty, it made the tough things I needed to hear easier to receive. There was never any doubt that he loved me and understood the struggles I was going though. My life now has hope and purpose because of the time Joe was willing to invest in me.       – Sam J.

Truly opened my eyes, my heart...

I have been battling sexual impurities for many years and it became so normal that I started to think nothing of it. Until my wife of 8 amazing years found out I went to a massage parlor. I felt dead and dirty, I felt like I had betrayed her and the Lord. Joe and the Men of Ephesians 5:3 group truly opened my eyes, my heart and is helping to have the tools I need to fix what is broken. I now try to walk as a wise person, knowing I am making some healthy changes. Aaron Q

Caused me to reevaluate myself

My primary motive for attending the Ephesians 5:3 men’s group was to get to know other men. I thought this would be an opportunity to connect with other men and a good way to evaluate how well I was doing on “not even a hint of sexual impurity”. I thought I did not have pornography issues and thought I was doing well having been a faithful husband for over 27 years. The reading that Joe assigned and group discussions caused me to reevaluate myself and look at sexual purity differently; sexual purity is not just physical, it is mental too. When I changed how I measured myself I saw that I had a lot of room for improvement. – Bill S.

Our Blog


The Journey of a Thousand Miles

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

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There is Power in Weakness

There is Power in Weakness

I came to a point in my life that I had to make some changes. Like all the challenges I had before me I would meet them head on. I was sure and confident in my abilities to overcome any obstacle. After all, I was a high school dropout that got himself off the streets,...

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